Cancer World

July-August issue, 2015

Cancer Core Europe

“Precision medicine needs to be understood as one big project and we need to put an end to fragmented data warehouses”

Alexander Eggermont, Chairman of the Board of Cancer Core Europe, Director of Gustave Roussy

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Cancer Core Europe

December 16, 2014

Cancer Core Europe proudly announces the appointment of Professor Fabien Calvo as Chief Scientific Officer

Cancer Core Europe provides a great translational platform to bridge the gap from bench-to-bedside and bedside-to-bench, conducting next-generation clinical trials, and discovery of predictive biomarkers and markers to monitor resistance.

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European Journal of Cancer

Vol. 50(16) Nov 2014 (p2745–2746)

Cancer Core Europe: A consortium to address the cancer care - Cancer research continuum challenge

Effective treatment of cancer remains one of the biggest medical challenges in the world, due to the large diversity in the spectrum of mutations in individual cancer patients. To tackle this problem, cancer research will need to be performed at a larger scale than is currently possible within single cancer institutes.

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Molecular Oncology

Vol 8(7) Oct 2014 (p1161–1162)

Cancer Core Europe: A first step towards a virtual cancer institute in Europe?

It should be pointed out that the eventual creation of a virtual ECI may pave the way towards the creation of a European Institute(s) for Health Research in the long-run, similar to the NIH in the USA.

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