Imaging Task Force meeting

On July 11th, an Imaging task force working group was held in Paris, with representatives from Gustave Roussy, the DKFZ, the VHIO and the Cambridge Cancer Center participating.


It was an opportunity to discuss the state-of-the-art in imaging, and the techniques and methodology in each center. Most importantly, the group began to lay the groundwork for the future steps of their collaboration:

  • Set standards for imaging across all Cancer Core Europe centers by early 2017, especially for CT (Computed Tomography) and MRI (Medical Resonance Imaging), so that centers can work together to explore elements of functional imaging and tumor texture that can be used as predictive or prognostic biomarkers
  • Communicate impact of using standardized imaging methods throughout Cancer Core Europe.
  • Find long-term solutions for efficient collection, storage and sharing of imaging data

Another immediate objective is to work in tighter collaboration with other Task Forces, in particular Clinical Trials, to better use imaging in the clinical setting to improve outcomes for patients.