Immuno-Oncology Task Force - Developing novel immunotherapy trials

Work towards establishing a common immuno-monitoring platform is already underway as part of the I4PCM EIT health initiative, funded by the European Commission.

Cancer Core Europe's expertise focuses on

  1. T-cell repertoires, NK cells and adoptive cell therapies,

  2. the tumor microenvironment including dendritic cells and vasculature,

  3. from genome to protein structure and the identification of neo-antigens which will be incorporated into future clinical efforts.

The cancer immunotherapy revolution began by treating patients with immuno-regulatory monoclonal antibodies targeting the immune system rather than cancer cells. These antibodies generate objective and sustained tumour responses in different cancer types and provide overall survival benefits to patients. Clinicians still don’t understood why some patients respond and others do not, nor is there a good understanding of how resistance to targeted therapies occurs. The long term goal of Cancer Core Europe’s research is to address these unsolved issues.


  • Knowledge of tumour cell’s microenvironment—including infiltrating immune cells, vasculature & cytokine signalling molecules—can influence patient prognosis. Establishing a standardized way to visualize these surroundings will benefit ongoing and future clinical trials.

  • Linking mutations to neoantigens, as well as clinical and immuno-biological data to tumour response will be a long term research goal.