Researchers and Clinicians

Do you work at a Cancer Core Europe member institute?

Contact your local coordination officer who will connect you with an appropriate Task Force working group and provide access to our online project management hub.

  • John Rowell - Gustave Roussy, Paris (France)
  • Paola Gabaldi - National Tumor Institute (Milan)
  • Alejandro Piris - Vall d'Hebron Institut d'Oncologia, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Christina von Gertten - Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Kenneth Seamon - Cancer Research UK Cancer Centre, Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  • Sigrid Ziegler - DKFZ-NCT, Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Ruud van der Noll - Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Pharmaceutical Collaborations

Cancer Core Europe is especially interested in developing clinical trials that are open to recruit patients in all six centers. Together, Cancer Core Europe is in contact with a significant number of patients across Europe.

Annual figures

    • over 680 early clinical trials, with 1500 clinical trials overall
    • 1 million outpatient visits
    • 60,000 new patients

Please also visit the Task Force pages to learn more about progress we’re making towards developing new cancer treatments, earlier diagnoses, and more effective cancer prevention through collaborative research projects.

Interested in collaborating? Please contact Chief Scientific Officer, Fabien Calvo

Patient Organizations

Cancer Core Europe wants to help improve how we predict, treat, and prevent cancer. Its clinicians and researchers are convinced that they can gain greater insight by collaborating and sharing data. Efforts to pool data, including anonymized clinical patient data, will transform our perception of cancer—permitting a deeper understanding  than any center could achieve on its own. Cancer Core Europe will need the support of patient organizations to be involved in projects involving sharing of patient data.