Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre

Committed to delivering Cambridge’s vision for cancer prevention, early diagnosis, treatment & monitoring i.e. to reduce the morbidity and mortality of patients with cancer through research, treatment and education

Integrated, partnership-based approach to cancer research and clinical care

Under the umbrella of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre - a dynamic collaboration of researchers, clinicians and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries based in the Cambridge area including:

  • the School of Clinical Medicine of the University of Cambridge - the second highest ranked university in the world

  • the teaching hospitals of the University of Cambridge – Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie) and Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology - associated with 14 Nobel Prize winners

  • the Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre –a partnership between Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust (the teaching hospitals of the University of Cambridge ) and the University of Cambridge; awarded a 5-year grant in 2012 of over £110m for translational research with cancer as one of the main research themes

  • the UK’s top 2 pharma companies - AstraZeneca’s largest centre for oncology research worldwide (due to open in 2018) and GSK’s Clinical Unit

  • the headquarters of the UK’s Precision Medicine Catapult with a focus on cancer

Dynamic, multi-disciplinary cancer community on campus

  • 5 dedicated and 6 cancer-related laboratories or departments on campus

  • Over 170 scientific group leaders

  • 600+ cancer laboratory researchers and physicians

  • 130 NHS Consultants in cancer

  • 5 cancer-related research centres within a 10-mile radius of the campus

Located at the heart of Europe’s leading biotech cluster


Within a 20-mile radius of the campus:

  • 7 public biotech companies

  • 2 $2bn companies

  • 65 therapy companies

  • 25 cancer therapy companies

  • 2 'Fierce 15' cancer companies in the last 5 years

  • 300 companies in the bio-pharma supply chain

Prestigious Designations & Accreditations

  • Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre has been designated as one of two Major Cancer Centres in the UK by Cancer Research UK; the centres lead the national network of centres and Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMCs) across the UK

  • In 2012 the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre was awarded Comprehensive Cancer Centre status by the Organization of European Cancer Institutes (OECI), a network of organisations aiming to improve the quality of cancer care and translational research across Europe

  • In 2015, achieved the first designation of Excellence in Translational Research for Comprehensive Cancer Centres by the European Academy of Cancer Science. Cambridge along with the Netherlands Cancer Institute were selected as the first Centre’s to establish this programme of evaluation.

Membership of National and International Consortia

  • Cancer Core Europe – Cambridge is one of six leading cancer centres across Europe that are collaborating to share clinical data and develop innovative trials; brings together the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre, the Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus Grand Paris (Villejuif, France), the Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden), the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (Barcelona, Spain), and the German Cancer Research Center and its National Center for Tumor Diseases (Heidelberg, Germany)

  • International Cancer Genome Consortium - Cambridge scientists are making important contributions to the International Cancer Genome Consortium project for oesophageal, breast and prostate cancers

  • Pancreatic Cancer Dream team - Cambridge is the only partner outside the US of eight top cancer centres forming the Pancreatic Cancer Dream team

Highest proportion of cancer patients in the UK take part in clinical trials

  • 6000+ new cancer patients seen annually at Cambridge University Hospitals

  • Around half of cancer patients, the highest proportion in the UK, take part in clinical trials

  • Over 130 cancer trials currently running

  • Growing Early Phase Clinical Trials Team:

    • 19 early phase studies currently open

    • 12 investigator initiated

    • in 2014, 142 new patients were reviewed resulting in 34 being enrolled on early phase trials

Extensive capabilities and resources to support clinical research

Stable population of 5.5 million across the Anglia region

The Joint Clinical Information System (JCIS) - records key cancer data items and tracks treatment pathways for all patients with cancer at Addenbrooke’s Hospital

EPIC-based electronic patient record system with 2m patient records

~ 16,000 volunteers available for clinical research

2 dedicated cancer networks to support patient recruitment across the region

One-stop-shop ensuring streamlined approach to clinical trials

An established and growing early phase clinical trials team collaborating on innovative national and international clinical trials

Purpose-built clinical trial wards - currently undergoing a major expansion

Trial design and statistics expertise including the design and analysis of randomised trials - the MRC Biostatistics Unit is one of the largest groups of biostatisticians in Europe

Extensive support for business

  • Experienced tech transfer offices provides easy access to licensing opportunities

  • Dedicated office on campus facilitates industry-academic partnerships

  • Dedicated team on campus works with industry to facilitate the adoption of innovation into the NHS

  • Concentrated network of biomedical business and professional advisers

  • Experienced investors to help fund businesses

  • Comprehensive support for start-up companies at the University of Cambridge Business School

  • Track record of collaborating with major pharma and biotechs

  • Experts to advise industry on policy related issues


Coordination Officer

Dr. Kenneth Seamon
Director, Scientific Development
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre