Include training and education in consortium activities

Sharing expertise to put in place harmonized procedures, equivalent testing platforms, and implementing best practices for various techniques will necessitate training many Cancer Core Europe researchers and clinicians.

Given the cutting-edge nature of research carried out, educating & training junior researchers and clinicians will also be a focus.


  • Improve cross-training of personnel, supporting sharing of best practices across Cancer Core Europe
  • Training junior researchers and clinicians via the Cancer Core Europe model where research findings are translated into clinical practice and observations from the clinic inform research projects
  • Transmitting the latest in personalized cancer medicine to junior faculty, clinicians, hospital staff, students, PhDs, postdoctoral researchers, medical interns within the Cancer Core Europe network 


International Summer School on Translational Cancer Research, 2017 Edition

The Summer School in Translational Cancer Research was initiated in 2011 by the EurocanPlatform – since 2016 the course is offered under the umbrella of Cancer Core Europe sponsoring its organization. This is evidence of the high priority given by Cancer Core Europe to the training of the new generation of oncologists and researchers, deemed essential in tackling a growingly complex disease.


Summer School 2017 poster


The 2017 edition is scheduled for October 16-20 and will be held in Albufeira, Portugal. It will of course be the setting for presentations, from figures of leading European cancer centers and foreign institutions such as the American Society of Clinical Oncology, with each of the five days of the School dedicated to one topic: Hallmarks of cancer, preclinical drug development, molecular profiling, cancer screening, clinical trials in oncology and oncopolicy. In addition, the 2017 Summer School will also enable young researchers to deliver presentations themselves, but also engage in direct interaction with the speakers in ‘meet the Professors’ activities and networking events.

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